This completely unoriginal gamertag was the main antagonist on The Armored Werewolf's Youtube channel but never appeared on Dailymotion. He was a huge antagonist outside of Youtube and barely had any appearances.

Rivalry Against L0ST Edit

Yes, his clan (ECH0 Clan) rivaled L0ST for a while. They had many clan wars, some were defeats while others were victories.

Resident Evil 5 Edit

ECH0 Leader appeared in Part 3 of the Resident Evil 5 series where he joined the party, was about to declare war, but Werewolf alerted is viewers about ECH0 and he quickly left.

As a...Protagonist? Edit

ECH0 once helped in a episode of the now cancelled Creepy Things in Video Games series. He appeared in the Halo 3 mini series.

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