Volts Flurish is a person that appeared in The Armored Werewolf's "Let's Watch: Volts Flurish Vs. DaredCentipede" video on Dailymotion. He only appeared once and you can barely hear him. Not much is known about him.

Volts Flurish Vs. DaredCentipede Edit

In the first episode of Let's Watch, he was challenged by DaredCentipede to a sniper duel. He alerted Werewolf about it and went in spectator so he can witness the action with his viewers. The duel went normal until Volts pulled out a shotgun mid-game. Towards the end, Werewolf joined in and killed Centipede. After that, Volts tried to trickshot but it failed and killed Centipede, ending it.

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