This page contains various suggestions that The Armored Werewolf has received. Some are reasonable but others, are strange.

Five Night's at Freddy's Playthrough Edit

This is one strange suggestion. Many people know that Werewolf hates the FNaF games. But people keep suggesting this "not-so much horror game." Like the Slender: The Arrival leak, this could happen due to his bio on Instagram saying "new horror game coming soon!"

MLP Games Edit

There are four games based off the My Little Pony series. There is one on the mobile, 2 PC games, and one for the Game Boy Advance. The request says Werewolf and The Armored Wolf play the two PC games and possibly the GBA one.

Slender: The Arrival Edit

Yes, this is the most requested video of them all. This game is a huge possibility and could provide a few scares for the audience more than Werewolf. This is the most likely to happen of all these requests.

Investigations Season 2 Edit

This is also highly requested. This is self explanatory. With season 1 having a total of 13 episodes, this could result to a successful series. Seeing as this is also the second longest series (along side Resident Evil 4 and Glitching).

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