Tumbleweed Hauntings is an episode from both Creepy Things in Video Games and eventually Investigations


Please note that the Creepy Things in Video Games and Investigations version of the episode is nearly identical. The plot focuses on Werewolf entering Tumbleweed and pointing out how a ghost supposedly runs around the place.

Investigations (YOUTUBE) Edit

The Youtube version features The Armored Werewolf and The Armored Wolf entering Tumbleweed...during the day for some reason. Even Werewolf said that they should have went during the night because of how ghosts have a bigger chance of spawning during the night.

Nothing suspicious happened...except when the two entered the mansion. In the mansion, Werewolf was about to enter a room until the door closed all by itself. Please note that Wolf somehow died and spawned somewhere else. In the mansion, there was also sounds of footsteps, doors opening and closing, and also Werewolf claimed he also heard some noises, although the sounds didn't get into the video's audio for some reason.

Investigations (DAILYMOTION) Edit

One big difference was the fact that the episode took place during the in-game night hours. This would supposedly increase the chance of a ghost spawning. For the most part, the same signs did occur, but the noises came a lot more clearer due to the new camera. However this time, the door did not close by itself right in front of him.

Myth Status Edit

Name: Tumbleweed Ghost

Danger Level: Unknown

Location: Tumbleweed

Signs: Doors closing, sounds of footsteps, random footprints, a figure walking around, and more.

Existence: High Chance

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