This story contains blood, gore, mild language, disturbing content, and it may be challenging to read due to some graphic details. This also contains drug references and horror elements. We recommend the readers to be at least 13+ or have an adult with you. Reader discretion is advised!

Part 1: The Apocalypse: Prologue Edit

Long before the Big Bang occurred, gods were the dominant species in Heaven and Hell. There were a few gods that were in charge of planning additions when the universe forms. One god only known as Maverick was getting ready to summon one being in charge of stopping any threats in the universe. That being was only known as The Armored Werewolf.

"How much longer until the summon?" Asked Poseidon. "I don't know, trying to summon a being this powerful takes a long time." Maverick replied. A few more hours went by, and still nothing happened. "I'm bored." said Zeus. A bright flash suddenly erupted followed by smoke and lightning. "Is it...him?" Asked Maverick. A shadow then began to fade inside the smoke. After the smoke has vanished, the outline of a werewolf was visible. However, for a split second there was a human's shadow behind the werewolf's, it vanished out of sight.

"What? Where am I?" The Werewolf asked. "It is a little too difficult to explain. In a nutshell, we decided you should be the protector of some huge dimension we are trying to build." Said Poseidon. A huge switch is located to "The Window", which is where the gods and spirits get to see the universe. "Ready?" asked Zeus. "Pull that lever!" exclaimed Poseidon. Zeus pulled the lever and a loud explosion noise was heard. Outside The Window there were particles from the massive explosion. The Universe was born.

All the way inside the fiery depths of Hell, an army of demons were constructing a massive fortress and a portal. Arzon, one of the highest ranking demon soldiers was in charge of the construction and putting the other demons through extreme training under the order from one demon only known as "The Lord." "It appears the gods have began their domination." said Arzon. "Yes, it seems that way." said The Lord. No one knows its actual name so they call him "The Lord". The shadow of the unknown human entered Hell. Nothing but smoke and dark particles were always right behind him. "Who are you?" asked Arzon. "Mr. Ren." said The Lord. The smoke and dark particles suddenly vanished and a familiar face appeared, Kylo Ren.

The familiar sound of a lightsaber activating came on. "Arzon, is that you?" he asked. Arzon stood up and spoke to The Lord. "How did he even get here? No humans were born yet." The Lord stared blankly at Arzon. "Simple, we can enter the future before it even happens. Maverick accidentally summoned him from Disney's Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens all the way in December of 2015 A.D. We have a plan to use him for something...something he has, that we don't." said The Lord.

Chapter 1: Wait, What? Edit

1998, the year when The Armored Werewolf was first deployed into the planet Earth. He woke up in a big open field. "So, this is what the planet looks like." he said. Werewolf looked around the place in amazement on what he hasn't seen for over a million years. As it turns out, the Earth wasn't always fun and games like he expected. The assassination of JFK, World War II, and The Civil Rights Movement. "Wow, what kind of a joke of a planet is this?" he asked himself. He drew his blade that he had ever since his first summon, a long blade with a red and black handle. "Still feels the same." he said to himself.

Maverick was in charge of getting Werewolf ready for any threat. The training didn't go so bad until Maverick summoned a few hostiles to practice on. One hostile sliced a part of Werewolf's shoulder and was shot in the chest once. "Maybe I went a little overboard." he said. "Don't worry, I'm partially immortal." Werewolf replied. "Pfft, memories." he said. 2016, The Werewolf was laying in the grass bored. "I barely even killed anything. Been here since 1998 and well, barely anything happened." he said. A powerful breeze pushed Werewolf to his feet and nearly threw him forward. "Wow, that was a nice one." he said. The sky suddenly grew darker as if night was coming early. "Wait a minute, it's not even noon yet!" he said. A meteor was rocketing towards the Earth. Werewolf jumped right towards the meteor and began repeatedly punching it until it exploded in mid-air.

"Very funny Maverick!" Werewolf shouted. "It wasn't me." Maverick's voice was heard. The sky then grew even darker. A tornado-like object appeared in the object appeared as darkness began consuming the area. Armored pulled out his blade and approached the structure. Skeletons covered the grass as he continued. When Armored approached the structure it stopped spinning and remained motionless and became physical as if it was a building.

"Excellent, the tornado has landed." said Arzon. "Now we will have to deploy some of our troops to the surface. Humans thought we didn't exist." said The Lord. A portal opened up that lead to Earth, demons began getting weapons and prepared for an invasion.

Somewhere inside a unidentifiable location lies one shadow that people speculate to be where they go when death occurs. The spirits of the deceased roam this one realm with this one shadow that belonged to no other man that once roamed Earth. "It appears Hell is preparing an invasion on Earth." it said. "Sucks to know that NO ONE will win this time!" the sound of a new type of lightsaber was heard. "Transforming the Moon itself into a doomsday device will ensure that no man, animal, god, or out-world being will be the victor. That's just nature for y'all." the shadow said.

As the tornado-like structure froze, cracks began to appear as if it was falling apart. "Demons, I know it is you." Armored said. "Crap! He found out!" one demon said. "What did you expect this wasn't an obvious enough looking structure." another one said. The structure was blood red in color, had demon horns on it and the design of fire. "Poor design choices I guess." said Armored. Three demons jumped out the structure and struck Armored across the face with their claws. One demon wielded a sword made of pure fire. The three demons ganged up on Armored before he killed them. Armored walked away with only a claw mark on his left shoulder.

Maverick was sitting on his computer watching YouTube. He began typing random names in the search bar to find weird channels. After about 7 minutes, the channel only known as 666 was found. "So, it's back." he said. "Channel 666?" asked one soldier. Channel 666 was a mysterious channel that has effects no other channel does. It has since been taken down long ago. Maverick kept refreshing the page until one effect happened. One video began playing. All that happened was three babies sitting down in a triangular shape with their heads turning 360° with a creepy tune in the background. "Keep refreshing, we might have a chance to kill whatever is controlling it." said another soldier. After a few more refreshes, the page changed again. The background turned a blood red color and a loud banging noise was heard from behind.

Chapter 2: The Encounter Edit

The banging sound sounded really close. One soldier went into the nearby room to investigate. The soldier screamed and a explosion was heard. When Maverick went to investigate, he found a wall all covered in blood where the soldier last stood. "Who's here?" he asked. A hand touched his shoulder, when Maverick turned around, The Lord was behind him. The computer screen began to glow and flash colors rapidly. The Lord vanished while the computer began to shake violently. After a few seconds, the computer exploded and a black hole-like structure appeared. The place began to grow extremely hot and a portal appeared inside the black hole. Zeus stormed into the room to see what happened. However, the room was completely empty when he tried to investigate.

Maverick woke up inside what looks line an alternate version of Hell. One demon walked up to him and began choking him while lifting him into the air. A hooded figure appeared behind the demon. The figure said in a low-toned voice; "let him go". The demon let go of Maverick, then the figure took off his hood... it was Kylo Ren.

"Where are the others?" Kylo Ren demanded. "Why should I tell you?" Maverick replied. Kylo Ren pulled out a lightsaber, turned it on, then pointed the blade at Maverick's neck. "You don't, you die." Kylo Ren replied. "You were late, the alternate timeline is already here." Maverick said in a stern voice. Kylo Ren swung the saber at Maverick, he avoided the attack and pulled out his blade. "Who activated the timeline?" Kylo Ren asked. "Don't know, maybe The Void." Maverick replied. Kylo Ren turned off his lightsaber. "You are not worth my time!" he said before vanishing into smoke.

Back on Earth, the demons have already began their invasion. The Lord was walking right into a line of soldier fire. The bullets seemed to have no effect on him. One soldier shot a rocket at him. The Lord caught the rocket and threw it back, blowing up part of a military base. The Lord then rushed up to the soldiers and began setting them on fire. The invasion from Hell against Earth was an easy one. Earth didn't stand a chance.

Chapter 3: Armageddon's Launch Edit

Hell had an easy time destroying the Earth. Armored was one of the few survivors. All the water dried up, sky is red 24/7, and every city was burned to the ground. The whole planet looked like a nuclear wasteland. As Armored walked around the wasteland, he felt as if something was watching him. Armored pulled out his sword and felt as if a threat was nearby. Loud footsteps were heard from behind and Armored turned around quickly. Nothing was there. A big shadow appeared in front of Armored, has he turned around, another being that shouldn't be there appeared. "Aliens...why you now?" Armored asked himself. These aliens (also known as Xenomorphs) from the Alien series somehow entered Earth along with Kylo Ren.

"Someone keeps making these portals to other realms" said The Lord. Hell was also being abandoned as if Earth was the new place for the demons to live in. "Whoever is doing this, they won't go unharmed." said Arzon. "You are one of them aren't you?" he asked. "I am afraid to say this, but yes. I am one of those beings that shouldn't be here." The Lord replied. "I will reveal my identity, when the time is right." The Lord then suddenly vanished. An inferno appeared where The Lord last was. "Don't worry Mr. Unknown, I know you." Kylo Ren said to himself.

The Xenomorph lunged towards Armored, pinning him into the ground. "Get off me you ugly son of a-" a gunshot was heard and the Xenomorph was on the ground. "Don't move!" a voice was heard. One of the buildings that was severely damaged had what looks like lizards all over it. One lizard turned its head almost instantly and slowly climbed off the building. Armored turned around slowly. The lizard then go on two legs, rushing towards him while making a screaming sound. Another gunshot was heard and the lizard was killed. "Who are you?" Armored asked randomly. A shadow appeared in the distance. Gun in hand, walking towards the now killed lizard. "Do you happen to know a place where a lake dried up?" asked the shadow. "Well, I could say this entire planet." Armored replied. "What place specifically are you looking for?" he asked. "Camp Green Lake." the shadow replied. It was obvious, Mr. Sir was staring in disbelief at what he was talking to. "You're not one of them are you?" he asked.

You could say so far that this makes no sense. You may be asking, "Who are these people?" "What are they doing here?" "Why are you putting all these random guest characters in?" Well, sorry to break the fourth wall but, it will make sense, one time. Mr. Sir comes from Holes, a book that I suggest reading. "Of course not! I'm trying to kill them." Armored said. He tried to contact the gods using a power he was born with. "Maverick, can you hear me?" he said. "Yes I can. What is wrong?" Maverick responded. "These characters from other realms somehow keep coming in this place. Seriously, this looks like someone made a really cringeworthy fan-fiction." Armored replied. "Well, might as well kill the ones that are trying to take over this realm." Maverick responded.

Chapter 4: The Truth Edit

Back in that unknown location, the shadow looked through a portal that acts as a window to look at Earth. "Excellent, my plan is complete. Earth will never be the same again." the shadow said. As Armored kept running through the deserted Earth, more Xenomorphs are seen. Some of them are fighting the demons. "Where do they keep coming from?" Armored asked himself. A thunderstorm approached to what was Camp Green Lake. The tents, holes, and even the cabin that The Warden used to live in were all fine for some unknown reason. "How did the tents not get burnt down?" asked Armored. "Don't know." said Mr. Sir. "Maybe the demons are just selective."

"Who would take a place like this to begin with?" asked Mr. Sir. As they walked through the tents, they found the "Wreck Room". The place surprisingly looked untouched, even the television worked. One thing different though was a VHS tape and a player next to the television. "I don't remember this being here." Mr. Sir said. "I read Holes and it never said you had a VHS player." said Armored. The tape however had just the word "NO" written all over it, and a bloodstain was on it. "Should we?" asked Mr. Sir. "I don't know, I guess." Armored replied. Here is what the tape had:

The audio was heavily distorted and all that was heard was the sounds of people moaning. After a while of showing the wreck room with people laying on the floor the audio became clearer. Now voices are heard.

Person 1:

Person 2: Rise and shine mister.

A stabbing sound was heard.

Tape bursts into static and now shows a room with one single chair on it. The chair had hand and foot straps on it, one person was in that chair, not moving.

Person 3: Where...where am I?

The sounds of chains sliding across the floor and more moaning is heard.

Person 3: Who...what?

Person 2: *insane laughter*. Greetings, Mr. Pendaski.

Mr. Pendaski: Ze...Zero?

Zero: That is HECTOR ZERONI!

The sound of a shovel hitting against someone's head was heard. The sound of a person screaming in agony is also heard.

Zero: Now then, shall I dig a hole for you?

Audio distorts again as the static bursts showing the dried up lake. Zero is shown dragging a body into one of the holes.

Static bursts once again, ending the tape.

"What did I just watch?" Mr. Sir asked. "That was freaky." said Armored. One of the windows suddenly shattered as a body came falling into the room. The body stood up staring down at the floor. As Armored stared at the person, a shovel became visible in the hand. "Get away" the figure said. "Zero." said Mr. Sir. "Zero is dead." the figure said. "You killed Mr. Pendaski didn't you?" asked Mr. Sir. "What do you think?" the figure replied.

Chapter 5: Corruption Edit

"It appears Armored and Mr. Sir are trapped in the wreck room at Camp Green Lake." said Arzon. The Lord came out and saw what was happening. "What is that dark figure with them?" The Lord asked. "Wait, what?" Arzon replied. " A lightning bolt hit right next to The Lord and Kylo Ren appeared. He turned on his lightsaber and pointed it at The Lord's neck. "Show yourself fool!" he yelled. " want me to reveal myself don't you?" The Lord asked. One stormtrooper holding a rocket launcher appeared and fired a missile at The Lord. However, he didn't catch this one and got it by it. A bright explosion erupted and The Lord was covered in flames. Sharp claws shot out of his knuckles. "Oh no... it can't be!" Kylo Ren said. The Lord turned out to be Freddy Kruger. "I knew something was up!" said Arzon. Kylo Ren then swung his lightsaber at Freddy. However, another object hit it and blocked the attack. Standing right next to Kylo Ren, holding a machete, hockey mask and all, yeah, it's Jason Voorhees. "Arzon! Get out of here!" Kylo Ren yelled. Arzon nodded and ran away from the scene. Freddy stood there laughing. "Have fun you two!" he said before fire consumed him and vanished. Kylo Ren and Jason stood there staring at each other.

Maverick teleported into the room where Mr. Sir and Armored were "trapped in". A bright flash suddenly erupted in the room. Armored passed out and woke up inside a dark room. He was chained to the wall and had a few claw and bite marks on him. " I?" he asked himself. A short childish laughter in the distance was heard. Text scribbled all over the walls were visible. The text said phrases like "life is a party" and "death is a hangover". Heads of gryphons and even dragons were hung on the wall like a deer head that hunters trophy. Armored tried to bite the chains and part of it broke off. Eventually, he bit the chains so much that he was free. It was near impossible to see in this place because it was so dark. Thankfully, a flashlight was nearby. The small room seemed to have no exit, not even an entrance. The room only had the chains, the heads, and an object that resembles a torture device. "Armored..." a voice said in the distance. "Who are you?" he asked. A figure was visible, only this wasn't human.

"Damn it why does every character have to do this?" Armored asked the narrator. "How else should we reveal them?" he replied. "Why are we arguing with ourselves?" asked Armored. "You know what? Just keep going." the narrator replied. "Fine." Armored looked back at the figure. "Make it quick I got dinner plans." said Armored. A knife flew out of the air and nearly hit Armored. The knife got stuck in the wall close to the right side of his head. "I'll give you dinner alright." the figure replied. As it grew closer, it seemed to have four legs, but stood up and seemed to carry what looks like a chainsaw. Another figure, only human and much larger appeared behind whatever was in the front. "Let me guess, you two aren't from this world." Armored guessed. "I am not, but this thing behind me is." said the smaller figure. The smaller being turned around. "Havron, send this furry back to hell will you?" the figure said before disappearing into the darkness. "Maverick told me all about you." said Armored. Havron seemed to have a cybernetic arm that turned into a saw blade. The saw blade activated as it grew closer and eventually charged at Armored.

Chapter 6: First Encounter Edit

Before this chapter begins, this chapter focuses on a new character and is in first person now.

Armored has supposedly went missing after he went to the corrupted Camp Green Lake. I was sent to search for him. Even though I'm not from this world, I know who Armored is and what he looks like. My name is Leon Scott Kennedy, and I have to search for this werewolf and kill whatever took him. As I am writing this, all I see is dead grass, houses burnt down, and a thick fog that never goes away. I don't even see the sun or the moon cause of what Hell and the Xenomorphs did with the planet.

I spotted a house up ahead and decided to search it first. While inside, I noticed that the house looked untouched. Fireplace was on, tables and chairs were normal, but the bed had two bloodstains on it for some reason. What bugs me about this house is the lack of any bathrooms. All it had was the fireplace and table on the first floor, and the second floor only had the bed and a wardrobe that is stuck closed. I tried to cut it with my knife but nothing happened. I then heard a sound of what sounded like someone moaning. I went down stairs, and someone was standing there. "Excuse me, sir?" I said. He seemed to didn't hear me so I walked up to him. He said something that sounded like Spanish. I believe he said some thing like "¿Que demonios estas haciendo aquí? ¡Sal maldita sea !" From what I heard it translates to "What the hell are you doing here? Get out damn it!" He then grabbed a nearby hatchet and swung it at me. Thankfully, I managed to dodge and shoot him. I got a call from an unknown number. Here is what the phone call said:

???: Leon

Leon: Who are you?

???: Armored is not missing.

Leon: Did you do something with him?

???: Maybe, what does it matter to you?

Leon: I have to search for him. What did you do?

???: Are you assuming I would touch such a disgusting creature?

Leon: How funny, you are one crazy person aren't you?

???: I hired someone named Havron to kill him.

Leon: I knew it.

???: You know who I am, do you?

Leon: Nope, and I sure don't want to.

???: Seven days.

Leon: What?

The phone then hung up. "That was creepy." I said to myself.

Chapter 7: What Does it Mean? Edit

"Seven days, seven days" what does it mean? It sounds like that crazy person is trying to cite The Ring. Whatever, I almost got killed by a random villager, now some idiot is trying to cite The Ring to me, what's next, demons trying to kill me? Apparently yes, as I left the house, a horde of demons noticed me. "Hey, where are you guys going? Bingo?" I asked. They all began shooting me. Yes, these demons have guns for some reason. Let's just say, another "saving the hero at the perfect time" cliche happened and someone else began firing at them. Mr. Sir got away from the camp and was hunting the demons. "Get out of here Leon. It's too dangerous." he said. I got away from the area and tried to look for the camp.

After a few hours of nearly getting myself killed, I finally located the camp and entered. I found the Wreck Room that housed the haunted VHS tape. However, this one was different. The tape had a note attached to it. The note said "Hey! Hey you! Watch this tape if you want to be scarred for the rest of your life." I put in the tape and the worst thing ever came up. It was a Barbie movie. I screamed and shot the VHS player, but the tape was still playing. I shot the TV and still nothing happened. I unplugged it and threw it out the window, still playing. I nearly lost my mind, then the most embarrassing thing ever happened to me. A barbie doll flew out of the TV and began beating me senseless. I got my ass kicked by a Barbie doll. I jumped out the window and threw a grenade at the Wreck Room. I regretted putting that tape in now. A dark fog began surrounding the place. It then quickly vanished and the holes were visible. The doll then jumped out of the flames and catapulted into one of the holes. An explosion came out of the hole. "Serves you right!" I yelled for some reason. A hans touched the back of my shoulder. I turned around, then a punch hit me and blacked out. I woke up in a train in the middle of a desert. "What is this? The recreation of Bolt?" I asked myself. I got off the train, which by the way wasn't moving. I got no phone service. I was so confused about where I was. I spotted what looks like a cabin. Who would build such a house in the middle of nowhere?

Chapter 8: A Trick! Edit

We are back to the third person narrating.

Kylo Ren stood there in disbelief at what he was seeing. Why would Jason help Freddy? "What business do you have?" Kylo Ren asked. Jason said nothing and stared at him. "Very well then" Kylo Ren turned on his lightsaber. "Let's do this." Jason pulled out his machete and charged at Ren. Kylo Ren swung his lightsaber, but Jason somehow has cat-like reflexes. Jason pulled out a knife that was stuck in the side of his neck and threw it. Kylo Ren used the force to throw it back. Jason grabbed Ren's hand and began to crush it similar to how Lenny crushed Curley's hand in Of Mice and Men. Kylo Ren pushed his lightsaber through Jason's chest in the process. Jason lost his grip on Kylo Ren and shoved him away. Jason then jumped in the air and stabbed Kylo Ren in the leg with his machete. "You're too late." Freddy returned. Jason quickly turned to see Freddy staring at him. Jason grabbed his machete and walked away.

Chapter 9: The Awakening Edit

Armored was approaching death during the long battle against Havron. Havron's cybernetic arm is nearly broken and the saw blade function stopped working. Havron grabbed Armored by the neck and began lifting him off the floor. Armored pulled out a knife and stabbed Havron in the eye before roundhouse kicking him. Armored hijacked the torture device and began electrocuting Havron to death. A siren went off and a secret door opened up, the exit to the room. When Armored left, he found corpses covering the floor. One of them got up and began walking. Armored shot it thinking it was a zombie, but nothing happened. He shot the head of it, the head blew off, but it quickly regenerated. The head and other body parts grew back. "What world do these things come from?" he thought to himself. A nearby voice shouted "PK Pulse!" as a plasma explosion hit the body causing it to explode. Armored looked in disbelief as he saw the young boy with psychic powers, Ness.

"Ness?" Armored wondered. "Yes." said Ness. "I read your mind, you are confused." The siren continued and eventually, the power went off. A music box tune began playing. Armored had a displeased face and turned around annoyed. He then broke the fourth wall...again. "Seriously? You had to reference Five Nights at Freddy's?!" he yelled at the narrator. "Oh come on! You have to argue with yourself again?" the narrator replied. "God damn animatronic bear!" Armored yelled as he shot the bear. "Hey hey hey! Watch your fire buddy!" the animatronic bear yelled. "Shut up Freddy Fazbear." said Ness. "That ain't very nice buddy." Fazbear replied. Armored pulled out a water gun and shot Fazbear with it. Fazbear then went berserk and fell over, destroyed. "I really want to kill whoever opened up these portals." said Armored. "Even though Leon and Predator are here?" asked Ness. "Predator?" Armored replied. "Yes, and he is right behind you." Ness said. He was right, Predator was behind Armored.

The Apocalypse: Epilogue Edit

Predator surprisingly didn't attack Armored. Predator stood there staring at Armored. "You're not from this world, are you?" asked Armored. Predator didn't respond. A hole in the wall suddenly blew up. Jason came running out of the hole and swung at Armored. Predator armed his claw and blocked Jason's attack. An army of demons appeared behind Jason. "You just don't give up, do you?" Armored yelled for no reason. He then pulled out two swords out of his back and charged at the demons. Predator and Jason began fighting each other while demons constantly ganged up on Armored.

It took a while, but the demon horde began to grow smaller. Armored has fought these beings for almost a thousand years, and their strategy never changed. Predator and Jason don't know each other or the weapons they use. Jason eventually grabbed Predator's claw and threw him into the ground. A bright light eventually shined into the room and the Xenomorphs began to attack as well. Predator took off his helmet and bit Jason on the back of his neck and began to fight off the Xenomorphs. Let's just say, there was red and green blood everywhere.

Ness shot a fireball at Jason and did the pulse move as well. Jason slowly stood up, grabbed his machete, and attacked Mr. Sir. The machete was stuck in his shoulder. The way it was positioned was in a way that would be near impossible to get it out without nearly killing him. Mr. Sir quickly pulled out his revolver and began opening fire on Jason. Jason had many bullet wounds but was still moving as if nothing happened. One mysterious winged creature charged into the room and lifted Jason. The creature then carried him out if the area and went for a long distance. Mr. Sir unfortunately didn't survive the attack. "Tell that son of a bitch, he will die next" Mr. Sir said before he died.

Part 2: Hell on Earth: Prolouge Edit

The nightmare looked like it will never end. The apocalypse is still happening, demons and aliens fighting, and about 90% of the human race was killed. "I thought Fallout 3's wasteland was ugly enough, I found a new winner for ugliest landscape in history." Armored said. Completely dark ground, destroyed buildings, thick black fog everywhere, yeah this place is ugly. Camp Crystal Lake was all dried up. "Good, now Jason has nowhere to hide." Armored said. Jason peaked from behind a building, machete in hand, waiting.

Chapter 10: Lava Lakes Edit

A portal to Hell actually opened up. Armored quickly jumped into it and was standing on what looked like a cliff. "For a stupid as "hell" place, they do have a cool landscape." Armored said. There was canyon-like structure with lava lakes going through it. Even a lava waterfall was there. An army of demons were also guarding Hell itself, not just Earth. A sound of another lightsaber activating was heard. A Jedi jumped out of the air and began fighting off the demons. Armored sat there confused. What is a Jedi doing down here? 

"Are you lost?" Armored asked. The Jedi took off the hood. This Jedi looked brand new. "I'm after Kylo Ren." Jedi said. "Who are you?" Armored asked. "My name is Nate." the Jedi replied.

A large stream of lava was heading towards a massive waterfall, which apparently had a large fortress surrounded by fire at the end. Armored crafted his own boat out of stone which somehow managed to float on the lava. "These are some weird physics." Armored said. "Then again, we are in Hell." said Nate. As the boat began heading down the lava, some Hell Mutants began coming out and trying to grab Armored. Armored luckily stabbed the mutant's hand, which quickly went back in the lava.

A sharp turn suddenly appeared and nearly catapulted Armored into the lava. More mutants came and tried to grab Armored. This combined with the rapid current, even the people with the best balance will have a hard time trying to stay on this. A waterfall made of lava began to slowly become visible. Armored quickly charged his jump and was ready. As the boat fell down, Armored jumped off of it and landed on a large rock, an island.

Chapter 11: The Multiverse Edit

There was only one small house on this island. In the house was only a table and a mysterious device. Nate picked up the device and pointed out the name was "Multiverse; Traveling and Informational Device". "I hope this won't become Family Guy." Armored said. "It will." Nate said. "Look at the chapter's title."

"Oh great." said Armored. Nate pushed the big button and appeared inside another universe. This universe had structures made out of pure stone. "Whoah what is this place?" Nate asked. "Are The Flintstones universe?" Armored wondered. A clone of Armored covered in cloth and stone armor walked out of a house. "What are you? My modern stunt devil?" the clone asked. "Very funny." Armored said. Nate pushed the button and went into another universe. This universe though, is far different.

Chapter 12: Multiverse Shuffle Edit

"Oh god what is this? Armored asked. "Is this even a real universe?" this universe had two dimensional sprites, all black, and frame by frame animation. "This is a universe where everything is depicted as a Nintendo Game and Watch game." Nate explained. "Look at this choppy frame by frame animation. I look like a retarded stick figure." Armored said in anger. Armored grabbed the device and pressed the button.

The two then appeared in a universe where everything is 8 bit. "I guess this is better." Armored said. A 8 bit barrel came flying toward Armored and hit him. "What the hell was tha-" Armored was cut off when he saw what threw the barrel. It was a giant 8 bit Donkey Kong. Nate pulled out a lightsaber, but it couldn't turn on. "Damn hardware limitations." Nate said to himself. Armored looked around and saw it was the level 25M from the original Donkey Kong. Armored had to climb ladders, avoiding barrels, and trying to avoid picking up a hammer that prevents him from jumping. "I had enough of this crap." Armored said. He grabbed a hammer and broke the rules of the game by throwing it at Donkey Kong.

Armored and Nate pushed the button and ended up inside of a ugly looking kitchen. The kitchen looked like an ugly looking 3D model version of Pixar's Ratatouille. "Now what the hell is this?" Nate asked. As he looked at the device, the universe was called "Ratatoing" of all things. "Sounds like a ripoff of a Pixar masterpiece." Armored said. Three-dimensional rats with high-pitched and they talk like they have broken voice boxes. An old man rat turned to the right and spotted Armored. "Look! A werewolf!" he yelled. "Bye you ugly scumbags." Armored said as he went to one more universe. "I sure hope this is the last time we have to travel." Nate said.

Armored and Nate appeared in what looks like a house. A perfectly normal house. The sky looked realistic, the green grass, everything looked great. Nate tried to press the button again, but nothing worked. "Are the batteries dead?" Armored asked. "How am I supposed to know? We got this thing from Hell." Nate said. As they looked around the device, there was no batteries. Not even a holder for it. "Wait a minute, I know this universe." Armored said. "Is that... MY HOUSE?" Armored started to walk to it before Nate interrupted him. "What do you mean?" Nate asked. "We are in the real life universe." Armored said. "This house belongs to the one who is writing this."

Chapter 13: Nightmare on Rhode Island Edit

"Wait here." Armored said as he entered the house where his human counterpart lives. He heard what sounded like his human counterpart doing a review on a cartoon so bad that even the writer doesn't want to remember it, oh wait he did. "This piece of crap is a disgrace to humanity. If you are unfortunate enough to see this trash, I hope you can make it through. Let's wrap this up by-" the human looked to the right and saw Armored standing at his bedroom door. "I must be having to much to drink." the human said. "Yeah you probably- wait when the hell did I start drinking alcohol?" Armored asked.

"Dude, we are in a alternate reality. This never happened." the human said. "Well I need your help." Armored said. "Let me guess, you entered this spawn of Hell known as reality." the human said. Armored was in pure shock. His human counterpart is aware of the suffering he is in."Well, yes but how do you know?" Armored asked. "Well, I am writing this you know." the human replied. Armored looked at the computer screen, as these letters are coming up one by one. "Well, do you know a way I can get back to my universe?" Armored asked. "I think I know a way how, but look at the time, I have to sleep." the human replied.

"Well, good night I guess." Armored said. As he began to leave, the outside was completely empty, just a dark abyss. All that existed was this one house. Footsteps began to sound throughout the entire house, along with a familiar sound of a grandfather clock. The house grew even darker to the point where even Armored could barely see. Armored got this weird feeling like something was breathing on the back of his neck.

Armored grabbed his sword and ran back to his human's room. Only to find that he wasn't in there. Although the computer was still on. "If I were to rewrite the whole story, I can make this part never happen." Armored said to himself. Although he closed the door and put a whole bed in front of it, something grabbed him and partially pulled him off the chair. Hovering above him was a familiar figure. The one next to Havron, down inside that torture chamber. "Hello there Armored, do you remember me?" the figure asked. "You again, got any other brutes for me to kill?" Armored asked.

"I think it's time I reveal myself, for a fee." the figure said. "Whatever you want, I don't want to know." Armored replied. "Nothing too ridiculous sweetheart, maybe just, a life." the figure said. "Wait, what?" Armored asked before being held down and being knocked out cold. Armored woke up inside what looks like a basement, the abyss is still visible through a window. "Rise and shine, my dear subject." the figure's voice spoke through an intercom. A door opened up with smoke coming out of it, the figure became more visible, before revealing itself. It had four legs, shaped like a miniature horse, had body armor for some reason, and had some psychotic grin on its face. "Armored, I knew you would talk crap about me at one point or another." the figure said. "But whatever, just know that I, Pinkamena, finally caught you." the figure spoke. "What? Who invited you, you damn psychopath?" Armored yelled. "I saw your human counterpart watching the video I originated in, torturing another pony who I will not be naming just yet." Pinkamena said. "Oh wait, you already know."

"it doesn't matter anyways." Armored said. "What doesn't matter?" Pinkamena asked. "All I have to it press "save changes" and this will never happen." Armored replied. "My my, I am impressed." Pinkamena said. "What if I told you, that this world cannot be erased."

"What do you mean?" Armored asked. "Simple, you ARE at home." Pinkamena said. The abyss from outside vanished, and was replaced with normal ground. "All that nonsense about you meeting yourself was a hallucination, one that I caused." Pinkamena said. Armored began to have flashbacks about him back in a torture chamber, he felt something get jabbed into him, like a needle. "So you mean that The Multiverse was a lie?" Armored asked. "The Multi- oh right that totally not a Family Guy ripoff, yeah that was real." Pinkamena said sarcastically.

Chapter 14: The Z.A.T. Outbreak Edit

"What do you want anyways?" Armored asked. "We've been down here for hours, just what is it that you want?" Pinkamena looked directly at Armored with a device in her hand. "I wanted this." Pinkamena pressed a button, a part of the wall pushed forward and Armored felt straps being attached to him, as well as a chain being put around his neck. The unusual secret somehow cannot be broken despite Armored's incredible strength. "What is this? The terrible story you were involved in? Armored said sarcastically. Pinkamena somehow hit Armored across the face and even partially broke one tooth. "Damn, I didn't know that little ponies can have this brute force. Is this thing on Steroids or something?" Armored thought to himself.

"As much as I love to torture and cause pain on others, you really aren't worth my time. Although, the weird ass place you live in wants you dead, I thought paying them a favor." Pinkamena said holding the device. The straps became loose and Armored slipped out of the trap. Pinkamena gave a suspicious look to Armored as another wall opened up. Zombified versions of what looks like My Little Pony characters began to appear. One of them though, didn't look comfortable about what it was doing. Armored's sword wasn't in the room, so he decided to retreat the area knowing that if he gets bitten, he is screwed. As he went out the door, houses were on fire, zombies everywhere, even zombified humans were around. "Get down!" a voice shouted from behind. Armored ducked as a blue laser shot near him and hit a zombie. "Outworld being has been spotted. What is the command?" a nearby voice was heard. Another tall four-legged horse-like creature appeared, but this one had a black cloak covering it. "Oh great another one." Armored said to himself. The creature quickly took off the hood, it had a horn. "Are you alright?" the unicorn asked. "Yes, but what world did you come from?" Armored asked. "I come from a world called Equestria, but this virus destroyed it and we were sent to this world." the unicorn replied.

Armored looked around the place and saw castles at almost every corner all barricaded. Loud rapid footsteps began to be heard. Armored realized that his sword is still missing so he had to take out whatever it was using his bare hands. A large human-like creature jumped towards Armored. "Armored!" a voice spoke. Armored knew that the voice sounded familiar. Havron was right behind him. "Havron! How did you-" Havron cut off Armored mid-sentence. "I see you met Pinkamena, also known as the psychopath who tortures people for her amusement." Havron said. 

"As if that wasn't obvious enough." Armored said. The unicorn's horn began to glow a bright cyan color and a shield formed around it and Armored. "I had enough of this, we are getting out of here." the unicorn said. A bright flash erupted and the two ended up in a new area. What looks like an abandoned castle. The scenery also looked far different, as if the two were in a completely new world. "Hey I almost forgot but, who are you?" Armored asked. The unicorn let out a sigh of what sounded like anger. "Listen, you already know me." it said.  

"How? You are an outworld being." Armored replied confused. "I know I am" the unicorn replied. "Oh well, my name is Luna." Armored knew that name from somewhere, but he quickly dismissed it as a false memory he isn't sure was real. "But, why did you teleport us away from that are? I could've survived on my own there." Armored said. "No, you can't." Luna replied. "Pinkamena is far more dangerous than you think. She managed to merge my world and this using Freddy Krueger's powers." 

Chapter 15: I.N.T.E.R.F.E.R.E.N.C.E. Edit

Armored's phone began to vibrate, despite being in another world. As he pressed the answer button, a loud burst of static came through with a distorted voice. Due to the loud as hell static, the voice was near impossible to hear so Armored hung up. When Armored and Luna tried to locate a portal to a much safer place on Earth, multiple phone calls were coming through. Sometimes, Armored didn't even pick up but the voice came through anyways. Here are a few of those calls:

Phone Call 1: 11:00 PM EQT

Voice: Armored, do you- *static*

Armored: Who are you?

Voice: Mate, have you- *static* Nate?

Armored: What about him and what do you want?

Voice: Don't- *static* him, he is worki- *static* mena.

Armored: Well, I don't give a crap about what you say now leave me the hell alone.

*hung up*

Phone Call 2: 2:00 AM EQT

Voice: Honestly though, I heard that the- *static* has worked on a ritual that could trans- *static* mutant.

Armored: Wait, say that again.

Voice: *nothing but static*

Armored: Never mind, this bloody static keeps getting in the way.

Voice: You know something? Pinkamena was the- *static* killed *static*

Armored: Seriously, either show yourself or I will put caller ID on and-

Voice: Rel- *static* I am close by.

Armored: Then where are you?

Voice: *Static* Corner, far left side of a nearby village called P- *static*

*hung up*

"Well then, thanks for the cryptic clues." Armored said. "Wait." Luna said. "I know what the stranger was talking about."

"How exactly?" Armored questioned. Luna got a serious look. "I came from this world. You are in a My Little- you know what? Every time someone says that, you loose more faith in humanity don't you?" Luna said. "Pretty much." Armored replied. "Mind if you show me where the location is?"

"Listen, are you sure you want to go off alone?" Luna asked. "I know we just met, but I don't want you to get infected." "I've fought horde after horde of demons before, I know what I am doing." Armored replied. Luna let out a deep sigh and showed Armored the location that the stranger was talking about. Luckily, Armored found a butterfly knife near the building, along with a twelve gauge shotgun. The house looked like a bakery of some kind, a basement was also in it, but looked bigger than a normal basement. Armored quickly knew who it was when he heard loud, high-pitched, maniacal laughter.

Chapter 16: Potential Fate Edit

Leon was convinced that Armored was inside Equestria for some unknown reason. He met Maverick, who was fighting off the aliens back on Earth. Maverick luckily opened up the portal to Equestria and let Leon inside. When Leon went inside, he didn't get a bright happy place like he was expecting. Instead, it was dark and looked post-apocalyptic. "Damn, did they get this place too?" Leon asked himself. Some yellow-spotted lizards also roamed the baron landscape, even though they were only supposed to be on Earth. Leon eventually spotted the same village where Armored was. He suddenly got an unusual feeling that something else was with him.

Armored knew what was down there and regretted his choice. "Damn it, why didn't I listen to her?" Armored wondered. After busting down a couple of rusted and metal doors, Armored found a room that looked familiar. He was in the same torture chamber when Pinkamena first met him. The door behind him slammed shut and locked itself. Luckily, it was only Predator, who was using the cloaking device. "Thank god, it's only you." Armored said. Another door opened up behind Armored, and Leon appeared. "Armored, are you okay?" Leon asked.

"Leon? How did you even get here?" Armored asked. "Yes, I am fine." Ness also entered the room and pulled out some kind of device. "I found another device that leads to more worlds." Ness pointed out.

"Well, we might as well check them out." Armored said. "You guys go, I'll try to find some kind of bunker." Luna volunteered. Ness, Armored, Leon, and Predator entered the first portal.

Chapter 17: Duck Hunted Edit

As the four entered the first portal, they realized that it was eight-bit. "Pick up that gun." A mysterious voice said. Leon pulled out his pistol and Predator bought out his laser. Armored picked up a nearby revolver. "Me and Armored have magic." Ness replied to the unknown voice. The mysterious voice said: "Magic? What a joke." then a eight bit laugh played. A loud, annoying, familiar laugh. Armored knew what it was, they were in the Duck Hunt world.

Eight bit music began playing, a dog jumped into the grass, and ducks began to appear. "What is the point of this?" Leon asked. The ducks froze in place, turned grey, and began flying towards them. Predator tried to speak, but can only speak through growls and roars. Luckily Ness can understand Predator. "Predator said that the Z.A.T. virus entered this place." Ness translated. "Zombies? Never thought I would see them again." Leon said sarcastically. A text boss with the words "Round 1" appeared and the ducks began getting closer. Ness created a force field around Armored, Leon, and Predator which killed some of the ducks. Leon jumped out of the shield and began shooting at them.

Armored grabbed the leg of a duck and hit other ducks with it while shooting at other ducks. They kept fighting to the point where no more ducks appeared. "Oh my, I'm impressed." the voice said. "But, I must reveal my true self. Good job wasting your precious time."

The background began to open up very slowly as smoke came out. A large eight bit dog appeared. "You hunted, you survived, now make me laugh." The Duck Hunt dog turned grey and rushed towards Leon, Ness, Armored, and Predator. Armored and Leon opened fire as Ness began powering an electric spell. The dog swiped at Armored and threw him into the grass. Leon pulled out a grenade and threw it in the dog's mouth. Ness also shot electricity at it. The grenade exploded and a few pixels got blown off the dog. Armored began to spam revolver shots and more pixels began to fall off. All the spam shots ended up finishing off the Duck Hunt dog. The face turned pitch black like he was burnt, fell backwards, and a "100,000 points" banner appeared. Without warning, another portal appeared. They jumped in, and went into the next world.

Chapter 18: Lost Civilization Edit

As Luna kept exploring the deserted Equestria, she uncovered something that wasn't seen before. She accidentally fired a laser at the side of a mountain and a secret passage was found. Stairs that lead into what looked like a cave with signs of ancient life being down there. "How did this get here? This world is still very recent." Luna thought. The staircase began to take sharp turns and even get tighter. Luna at one point had to get on two legs and walk sideways just to reach the bottom.

At the bottom of the stairs revealed a massive cave filled with vases, paintings, torches, and even primitive weapons. Weapons like spears, short swords, and bows. One weird thing about this ancient cavern though was human footprints that look brand new. As if something was just recently in there. Since this place lacks any electricity, the previous beings that inhabited this cave obviously set up ridiculous mechanics. Pulling chains to open up walls, pressure plates that reveal hidden rooms, and who can forget a large room where you have to unlock a massive door using a large turning stone to match the pattern or arrows will shoot out of the wall at you? All of that mixed into one and you got one of the most ridiculous ancient structures of all time.

Luna kept exploring this cave and eventually saw some cracks in a wall with a golden glow emitting from it. She realized that this wall was too strong for her own power. This wall requires a primitive explosion technique that must be completed in the cave in order to see the room. As Luna kept trying to find out how to blow open the wall, a loud scream emitted from deep within the cave. She brushed it off of being a part of her imagination because of the Z.A.T. virus being unleashed years ago. However, maybe it wasn't a part of an imagination. Luna quickly realized, something else was in there, something lost and forgotten for centuries. She figured this out when she found what looks like a mine inside the cave.

Next to the mine looked like a massive fortress made out of pure stone. The mine was for the most part empty. No demons, aliens, or even zombies. But something else was down there. The scream happened again, this time inside the mine, where Luna was. She turned around slowly and saw a partially mutated zombie in the corner. Only something was off about this one. The skin was completely dark, had no eyes, and a wide mouth with sharp jagged teeth. Luna quickly turned away and approached the fortress, but quickly stopped when she saw something. She froze in place and couldn't believe what it was. It looked like Z.A.T. Parasites...fossilized.

Chapter 19: Ancient Fortress Edit

The portal where Armored, Predator, Leon, and Ness opened up inside the mine where Luna was. "What are those?" Leon asked. "Are those... Z.A.T. Parasites fossilized?"

"Just how old are these damn things?" Armored asked. The zombie-like creatures began to make more sudden movements. "Dear god, that is frightening." Ness said. "Mate, you fought a giant alien-like creature shaped like a fetus... oh, if you understood that reference, good for you readers." Armored replied. Ness carefully meditated and tried to identify the unknown creatures. "These things are called Abyss Souls." Ness said.

"Abyss Souls? Reminds me of something I fought a while ago." Leon pointed out. "I know what you're talking about." Armored told Leon. Right when he said that, an Abyss Soul lunged at them. Leon quickly began opening fire on the creature, but the shots did nothing. "Hang on, shoot at the head." Armored suggested. Leon shot the head of the Abyss, but nothing happened. "Yeah, this is a discount Regenerator." Armored said sarcastically.

Armored, Leon, Luna, Ness, and Predator agreed to run inside the fortress due to it being the only safe spot...if it even is safe to be in. They crossed a massive wooden bridge over a massive hole that lead into the fortress. "Is there no crank for the bridge here?" Leon wondered. "Nope, we have to use a manual defense." Armored said in an annoyed tone.

"Perhaps, we can build a-" Ness was interrupted by Armored. "Nope! We are not making that reference!" Leon decided to build a wall anyways. He built a wall so big that the entrance was covered up to the point where you can't simply walk in without taking it down. "Greetings." A familiar voice said. "What is it now you bloody psycho?" Armored asked. Pinkamena appeared at the top of a staircase, holding some kind of syringe. "Whatever is in there, I don't want to know." Leon said.

"I would shoot you right now, but people may complain about sexism and would shorten this overly ridiculous plot." Armored told Pinkamena. "Why do you have to break the fourth wall so much?" Pinkamena asked Armored in a playful tone. "You put Deadpool to shame with your breaks and flip the bird at the laws of physics." Armored replied. Pinkamena closely examined the syringe and had an annoyed look. "I'm honestly sick of you trying to run away and have no fun with me. It was fun trying to get you all infected. But I'm afraid our good times have to end at one point." Pinkamena said. When she was talking though, her voice began to get deeper and more distorted.

"Did anyone else think that line was unnecessary?" Luna asked. "Just inject the damn thing already! The suspense is killing me." Armored said. "Fine, you have no patience. Yet you can sit through the president's speeches, oh well." Pinkamena injected the syringe. She began to shake violently, having severe eye twitches, and even her skin got tighter. "Maybe, that was a bad idea." Leon said quietly. A few seconds later, objects that look like scorpion stingers began to shoot out of Pinkamena's back and her hooves turned into the hand and feet of a human. The mutation became so severe, she doesn't look like a pony or human whatsoever.

Luna took advantage of Pinkamena's slow mutation and got the others to run quickly before it was complete. As they explored the fortress, a large room with a stone throne in the back was spotted. "Perhaps this is where the king or emperor would stay." Armored thought. Armored walked up to the throne and saw some sword that looked like his. "Why is my sword down here?" Armored thought as he took it. As the sword was taken, a loud knock was heard and a alien-like scream erupted from the catacombs of the fortress.

Chapter 20: The Legends Edit

Long ago, there were myths about some creature made of pure rock. This creature reveals itself by boulders falling in a certain way, various rocks breaking off, and shows a purple glow. This creature was known as Granite. Granite was 92nd of those creatures that entered thus world by the merge with reality and fiction.

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