This story is a parody of The Hunger Games and Madworld.


This story contains blood, violence, language, mature humor, and slightly offensive content. We recommend the reader to be 13+ or have an adult with you. Reader discretion is advised.

Backstory: In the year 2034, the president of the United States Henrey Harrison granted death row inmates and criminals involved in manhunts to participate in the annual Murder Games. Every year, the Murder Games takes thousands of competitors from all over the world to brutally kill each other and rise through the ranks. This year, Murder Games 37 is said to be the most chaotic one yet. Gangs run throughout the area, large skyscrapers being taken over, military vehicles, mutants, robots, and different themed locations are all present. Can former serial killer Jackson Holmes survive?

Part I: Prologue Edit

On June 2, 2033, Jackson Holmes was convicted of over 100 murders through the past year. This was before the Murder Games was first approved. Jackson was sentenced to die on September 3, 2034. Until then, the guards assaulted and routinely tortured him, along with other inmates. Then, on July 17, 2034, The Murder Games was opened up. The government asked him if he wanted to participate with the others, but he denied the invite. For the next 37 years, Jackson was given the exact same things, torture, assaults, and constant fighting with other prisoners. When Murder Games 37 was being hosted in 2071, Jackson finally said he will participate.

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