The Dinosaur is the seventh episode of Investigations and the seventh myth in the series. It is also the main antagonist of the episode. This was a Red Dead Redemption episode. This episode was a very strange one considering the target.

Myth Status Edit

Name: The Dinosaur (supposedly a T-Rex).


Danger Level: Hostile. Why would a T-Rex be friendly?

Origin: Artwork of Read Dead Redemption shows a dinosaur right behind John Marston. However, no dinosaur is seen in the game.

Description: A dinosaur that appears to be a T-Rex lurking around a location. As of April 8 2015, the location is unknown. The Dinosaur is also said to have a ton of health rendering some guns useless.

In The Werewolves Edit

The Dinosaur will have its own physical appearance in The Werewolves: Episode I as a full antagonist.