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The Armored Werewolf is the main protagonist of the Dailymotion and Youtube channel of the same name. He is responsible for making the Investigations series.

Youtube (2013-2015) Edit

The Armored Werewolf's first video on Youtube was released under the name "First Public Vid: (Creepy Things in Video Games Episode 1: Minecraft)", and his final Youtube video was "I MOVED! FINAL VIDEO AND NEW VIDEOS ON NEW SITE!". He left Youtube with only 82 subscribers but a bunch of views. He left Youtube because of the Content ID system that Youtube got and after hearing about how glitchy it is, he left the site with one final Google + post regarding his channel.

Dailymotion (2015-2016) Edit

It's been some time since The Armored Werewolf left Youtube, he moved to Dailymotion for a fresh new start. He has next to no followers (yes, on Dailymotion its called followers), but he doesnt really care. A ton of his Youtube series is getting a massive reboot. Starting Investigations and Resident Evil all over again. He does Dailymotion now because the Content ID system and Copyright terms doesn't exist on that site. He also confirmed multiple new series will be arriving.

"The Return" (2016-) Edit

The Armored Werewolf went back to YouTube after hearing that most of the chaos has cleared up.

Capture Device Edit

Unfortunately, he doesn't have a capture card so he uses his Windows 10 laptop's built in Cyberlink 5 camera. It works a lot better than his old Windows 7 laptop that used the first Cyberlink application. This explains why the audio is a bit screwed up and video lags occasionally. The Cyberlink 5 version has better quality, barely any lag, but the audio is a bit screwed up. His latest videos were made on his newly upgraded Cyberlink Youcam 7. The ability to screen record, pause, and even new filters, borders, and lots more provide more variety for future videos.

Hosting Edit

Werewolf hosts multiple series including Investigations, Resident Evil Walkthrough, and even the cancelled CTIVG. He mostly has The Armored Wolf joining him as well. Sometimes bringing comedic events to occur while recording.

Quotes Edit

"What is up audience The Armored Werewolf here"! ~Intro

"This is Minecr4ftf4n13, signing off" ~Old outro

"What was that?" ~Investigations

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