Slender is a series of Minecraft maps featured on The Armored Werewolf's maps on Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions. This series of maps have similarities to the Slender Fortress mod for Team Fortress 2.

Early Edit

These maps were so old, they date back to the L0ST Clan days. They were cancelled after a while, but they are currently being revived on The Armored Werewolf.

Bosses Edit

Slenderman (Slender): Basic boss. Kills you if you get too close or look at it for too long.

Kate (Slender: The Arrival): Slenderman's partner. A chaser with static and jumpscares you upon kill.

Classic Slenderman (Slender): This Slenderman spawns closer to players and static kills. Has the original Eight Pages jumpscare.

BEN (Creepypasta & LoZ: Majora's Mask): A clone of Slenderman, but sets you on fire.

The Rake (Creepypasta): One of the default chasers. Can be stunned with either flashlight or two hits.

SCP-173 (SCP): Rushes you unless you stare at it.

SCP-106 (SCP) A persistent one hit kill chaser.

Paranoia (Slender Fortress): Rushes you if it sees you for more than 3 seconds.

Grunt (Amnesia): Default chaser. Not that persistent and medium damage.

Suitor (Amnesia): Similar to Grunt. Slightly faster but also weaker.

Brute (Amnesia): Similar to Grunt. Slightly slower and does higher damage.

Dr Salvatore (Resident Evil): A slow chaser that one hit kills.

Frank (Outlast): A persistent medium damage chaser.

Chris Walker (Outlast): A chaser that provides a big challenge. Best to avoid at all cost due to how persistent he is and the speed. Also one hit kills.

Rick Trager (Outlast): Similar to Chris Walker.

Verdugo (Resident Evil): Similar to Chris Walker and Trager. Doesn't one hit kill but does high damage.

Nemesis (Resident Evil): A ranged mutant that fires a medium damage missile. Can also do a slow high melee hit.

The Possessed (Doom): A mob-tier boss. Multiple of them will appear to gang up on you. Deals weak damage, slow speed, no static, just don't worry about them.

Hell Razer (Doom): A ranged demon that fires a high damage laser. Has to be charged before fire. Not to persistent and easy to avoid.

Maps Edit

Here are the list of the many maps. Some of these are unfortunately cancelled or put on hold.

Tomb: In Progress: A large tomb. Has features similar to Sand Temples.

SCP 087-B: Complete: A replica of the original SCP 087-B. Pick up the lever and escape.

Sewers: Complete: A facility connected to a sewers. Find the 8 pages and take the escape route.

Eight Pages: In Progress: A remake of the original Slender woods from The Eight Pages.

Nightmare: In Progress: Xbox One Exclusive. A large mansion with traps and parkour-like rooms.

Stronghold: Complete: Literally just a stronghold. Find the 10 pages and enter the End portal.

Hillside: Complete: A dark version of the Title Update 12 Tutorial World's village.

Castle: Cancelled: Based off My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's Castle of the Two Sisters.

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