Rainbow Dash (also known as Rainbow, Dashie, RD, and Rainbow Dashie) is a character in MLP Review. She happens to be one of the main characters in Generation 3 and 4.

Personality Edit

Offical Rainbow Dash Edit

Fashion Crazy (G3): "Rainbow Dash always dress in style" ~Intro singer.

Competitive- she becomes a badass when it comes to playing competitively.

Fanmade Rainbow Dash Edit

Merciless- she has a fanfiction similar to Cupcakes where she tortures and kills other ponies.

Primary Target- seriously, in so many projects, she constantly gets killed.

Generation 3 Edit

Her overall design is similar to Pinkie Pie, but her coat is blue. She also has a semi-rainbow feel to her mane and tail, not too much though.

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