Pinkie Pie (also known as Pinkamena, Pinkie, PP, Pinkamena Diane Pie) is an antagonist of Animation Review. There are many versions of her, some good and some bad.

Personality Edit

Official Pinkie Pie Edit

Happy- she sure is a happy pony.

Party Crazy- she loves parties so much.

Bipolar?- she tends to have sudden emotion swings at complete random.

4th Wall Breaker- she breaks the 4th wall more almost more than Deadpool.

Fanmade Pinkie Pie Edit

Insane- Especially Cupcakes where she goes partially insane.

Merciless- She kills anypony (or anyone) that even dares to insult her.

Generation 3 Edit

The generation 3 version shows a small pink pony with huge blue eyes and a high pitched voice. The first episode featuring her was The Torture Begins which obviously annoyed The Armored Werewolf and The Armored DJ so much. She was also seen having a bizzare speech pattern and saying words that make no sense. In The Torture Begins, she was visited by her friends and were shown mostly happy flashbacks from other videos of generation 3.

In The Werewolves Edit

For information, check out the Pinkamena page.

Other Names Edit

Zalgo Pinkie: In many fanmade projects (most notably Luna Game), she is seen to have demon-like powers and brutally murder anything in sight.

Smile.exe: In a fanmade MLP horror game by the same name, she walks to the right, static bursts, and she becomes this thing. She then walks over the corpses of generation 4's main six characters and Princess Celestia. She then goes crazy, turns into Pinkamena for a split second, then jumpscares you.

Quotes Edit

"Good idea! I'll think a swink!" ~The Torture Begins

"As much as I love to torture and cause pain on others, you really aren't worth my time. Although, the weird ass place you live in wants you dead, I thought paying them a favor." ~The Werewolves: Episode I