This page contains various leaks and/or rumors about The Armored Werewolf or The Armored Wolf's upcoming content. While most of them are fake, others contain very good evidence to prove the leak/rumor is real. This also is obvious but, potential spoilers are on here as well.

MLP Review Leak Edit

On February 2016, some user on Instagram by the name of The_Great_Shaman posted a leak showcasing The Armored Werewolf's upcoming videos. How the user even got the information is unknown. However, one mysterious thing on it was titled "MLP Review". The unknown series said "unconfirmed" in the leak but it already has three episodes listed. One episode was titled "Why Did I Agree To Do This?". There is evidence to support this after Werewolf began the "Let's Watch" series, where he watches something and commentates over it. Also he is about to get the upgrade for his cam to screen capture. On February 18 2016, the series was confirmed and will soon be made. After much speculation, Armored confirmed that the series would be turned into Animation Review.

Slender The Arrival Leak Edit

The-Great_Shaman posted another leaked picture on his Instagram showcasing what looks like Slender: The Arrival on The Armored Werewolf's Dailymotion video list. The picture has recently been taken down. This could be a possibility however, considering Werewolf's bio says "New horror game coming soon".

Seriously Strange Parody?Edit

There is a really debatable rumor saying Werewolf will be doing a parody of Rod Dyke's Seriously Strange series. The parody is supposedly called "Dark Side". Accoriding to some people, Dark Side is about Werewolf covering some dark and disturbing things about this planet, fanbases, and even games. This is also a possibility considering The Armored Werewolf's channel has some darkness to it. And he did something similar back on YouTube.

Old Series Return Edit

There is also a rumor saying that more old series is returning to Dailymotion. These include Creepy Things in Video Games (or CTIVG), Minecraft World Showcase, and Custom Games. There is very little evidence to support this rumor. Although Resident Evil 4, 5, and Investigations are being remade.

Additional Investigations Games Edit

This rumor says that more games will be featured during Investigations. These games are Just Cause 2, Saints Row Series, GTA V, and Skyrim. Investigations is only in it's first season and only 15 episodes per season. So these games can be shown in future seasons.

Return? Edit

There is rumors saying that Werewolf will be returning to Youtube but have some videos exclusive to Dailymotion. There is no evidence to support this. In the summer of 2016, Armored did return to YouTube and even showed his new hardware.

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