Jason Voorhees is one of the main antagonists in The Werewolves. He first appears in The Werewolves:


Episode I when Kylo Ren is about to attack The Lord.

Episode I Edit

As said before, Jason appears when Kylo Ren is about to attack The Lord (later revealed to be Freddy Krueger). Jason appears and blocks Kylo Ren's attack and puts up a small fight before Ren retreats. Later on, when Armored and Mr. Sir try to escape an abandoned torture chamber. One demon blasts a hole in the wall and Jason jumps out and attacks Armored, Mr. Sir, Ness, and Predator. Predator and Jason have a long duel as Armored, Ness, and Mr. Sir fight off the demon horde as aliens begin to invade. Jason eventually kills Mr. Sir, then some winged mutant (later revealed to be the Novistadors), carry him away.

Jason wields his usual machete but also tends to use hand-to-hand combat. He is also another ruler of hell along side Freddy Krueger and leads the demons to kill Armored.

Episode II: Fast Forward. Edit

This incarnation of Jason appears to be called "Cyborg Jason". Since Fast Forward is only confirmed and development hasn't began yet, it is unknown if Jason will be a cyborg or not.