Invesigations is a series hosted by The Armored Werewolf and The Armored Wolf. The series is about the two hunting down myths in games. The series is only in it's first season. With 6 episodes. 5 remade since Werewolf left Youtube. The only episode that wasn't remade was Spy Helicopters (episode titled "Flying Around").

Games Featured Edit

GTA IV- Three GTA IV Episodes.

Red Dead Redemption- Four episodes are done.

Halo 3- Only one episode was shown.

Halo Reach: Coming soon

GTA SA: Coming soon

Minecraft: Coming soon

Modern Warfare 2: Coming soon

Upcoming Episodes Edit

Cemetery Killer (GTA IV) Episode 9

White Eyed Being (Minecraft) Episode 10

Bloody House (GTA IV) Episode 11

Aliens (GTA SA) Episode 12

The Meteor (Red Dead Redemption) Episode 13

Underpass and Highrise Ghosts (MW2) Episode 14

Forge World Hauntings (Halo: Reach) Episode 15 (SEASON 1 FINALE)

Season 1: Strange Things Happening (YOUTUBE) Edit

Episode 1 & 2: Abandoned Hospital

Episode 3: Tumbleweed Hauntings

Episode 4: Half Human, Half Rat

Episode 5: Flying Around

Season 1: Strange Things Happening (DAILYMOTION) Edit

Episode 1: It Begins. (Abandoned Hospital Part 1) REMAKE

Episode 2: The Hospital Ending. (Abandoned Hospital Part 2) REMAKE

Episode 3: The Abandoned Town. (Tumbleweed) REMAKE

Episode 4: Half Human, Half Rat. (Ratman) REMAKE

Episode 5: The Demon. (Tumbleweed Demon) FINAL REMAKE

Episode 6: The Three Ghosts of Halo 3. (Halo 3 Ghosts)

Episode 7: The Dinosaur. (Dinosaur)

Episode 8: The Other Werewolf (Other Werewolf)

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