Half Human, Half Rat is the fourth episode of both versions of Investigations season 1.

Myth Edit

The myth that the players went after was GTA IV's Ratman.

Description: Edit

Ratman is described as either a half human, half rat being. Others say he is an incredibly hairy hobo that runs fast and hits hard. He is also a supposed hostile myth so be careful.

Danger: Hostile Edit

Ratman is said to be very hostile and may attack you on sight. Bring a motorcycle and a weapon before entering...just in case.

Conformation: Low Chance Edit

So far, the players saw no strange activity, except the lights going out randomly and the yellow blood. The same blood is also at the Abandoned Hospital.


Ratman is said to appear in the Abandoned Hospital and the subway.

What Happened Edit

The video begins with Werewolf in the subway. He explains how there is supposedly a half human, half rat creature down there. He gets a motorcycle and zooms into the subway. After a few minutes, the lights began to flicker and he spotted the infamous yellow (or orange) blood. The blood is supposedly Ratman's blood. This blood can also be found at the Abandoned Hospital. Throughout the whole video, the lights continued to flicker but no one was in the subway (except for the main areas).

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