HALOPRO2015 was a former third main protagonist. He was kicked out of the L0ST clan and out of The Armored Werewolf's videos. His nickname given was Master Chief from the Halo series.

Armored Werewolf's Youtube 2014-2015 Edit

HALOPRO2015's first appearance was in the first episode of Investigations. He was known as the "test dummy" where Armored Werewolf trolled him form time to time. One such example was in the Black Ops II Survival-Town video, where Werewolf lead a zombie towards Halo while he was repairing a window.

HALOPRO2015's Youtube Unknown-Present Edit

Halo has his own Youtube where he mostly plays NES games via Emulators. As of December 1 2015, it is unknown when his first video got uploaded.

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