Glitching is a new series hosted by The Armored Werewolf. The series showcases glitches in gaming. These can be very minor/useless glitches, to insane/crazy and even useful glitches. The two episodes done were Gamecube titles

Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Name Entry Glitched! (Smash Bros Melee)

Episode 2: Underwater Walking, Sky Launching, and More! (Super Mario Sunshine)

Episode 3: Haunted Mannequins and Wooden Plate Magic. (Skyrim)

Bonus Episodes Edit

These episodes don't count as official ones but are for little extras.

T-Pose Enemy (Skyrim)

Upcoming Episodes Edit

Swingset of Doom (GTA IV)

Final Boss Warp and Gate Clipping (Spyro 4)

Out of Map (Red Dead Redemption)

Plasma Galaxy and Super Launch (Halo: Reach)

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