Flying Around was the only episode of Investigations that wasn't remade. This episode focuses on The Armored Werewolf hijacking a helicopter and hunting down "Spy Helicopters." The myth is supposedly glitched/black helicopters that spy on your character. A new guest star by the name of MasterMindSarah appears but quickly ends the Skype call after the audio began to Distort.

Dailymotion Edit

As stated before, this episode was not remade. The reason behind this was "too slow and overall just boring". Werewolf generally just didnt like this one episode and found it to be the worst episode of Investigations so far.

Myth Status Edit

Name: Spy Helicopters

Danger Level: None. They supposedly just watch you.

Location(s): Anywhere

Description: Helicopters that are all black and fly so high in the air, also said to break the game's boundaries.

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