Map Update Notes (2.5) Summer Sideshow Update: New summer themed event. Invasion ended. Added in Statue Waves.

Map Update Notes (2.4) Invasion Update: Shadows of Evil is now permanent addon. Invasion event began. Lag issues fixed. Confirmed many new events. Beta of the world is now available to enter on Xbox One version.

Map Update Notes (2.3) Shadows of Evil Update: Added in Shadows of Evil Event. Trying to fix lag issues.

Map Update Notes (2.2) The Grand Reopening Update: World back in action! Added reserved building spaces, bought back the ability to enter 3D statues, memorial zone replaced with museum, Community Storage is now the Workshop, walkways now stretch across statues rather than just buildings, some statues taken down, Block Showcase removed, added in "The Horde" after Billy (SAW)'s construction.

Map Update Notes (2.1) Closing Doors Update: Map discontinued temporarily.

Map Update Notes (2.0) Anti-Grief 2 Update: Cancelled Underground Maze construction and ban list updated.

Map Update Notes (1.9) Special Events Update: Confirmed non-seasonal events will begin.

Map Update Notes (1.8) The Records Are Updated Update: New records are set. Removed ability to enter 3D statues.

Map Update Notes (1.7) When Things Go Wrong Update: World added a lockdown mode.

Map Update Notes (1.6) Seasonal Celebration Update: Confirmed events in world. Underground Maze construction began.

Map Update Notes (1.5) Records Are Set! Update: Added world records.

Map Update Notes (1.4) Anti-Grief Update: Added rules and ban list. More 3D statue entering. Krusty Krab finished.

Map Update Notes (1.3) A Whole New Level Update: Added the ability to enter 3D statues.

Map Update Notes (1.2) Getting Started Update: Added the building “Iron” and began Krusty Krab construction.

Map Update Notes (1.1): The Grand Opening Update: World began, statues added.

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