This is part 2 for the Community World. This provides additional information.

Destroyed Structures Edit

There is a rule saying that griefing will not be tolerated. However, The Armored Werewolf tore down some structures during the Grand Reopening Update.

Memorial Zone: Due to complaints for such a depressing room, the zone got removed and is now replaced with a museum.

Unused/Unfinished Houses: Many houses that got never used or was unfinished got tore down.

Block Showcase: A special unfinished house designed like a long hallway with every block inside a glass cage similar to a museum. When the Community Storage got replaced with the Workshop, this house was rendered useless and took around 45 minutes worth of demolition.

Destroyed Statues Edit

These statues have been destroyed in the world. Due to complaints or other reasons.

Nazi Symbol (World War II): One of the first statues to get taken down. Due to complaints, the statue got removed FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

Martin (OC): A mech suit with a two block tall thing made out of emerald blocks, with a sign on it shape dlike a face. Potentially a reference to Martin from MADWORLD.

Failed Yellow Devil (Mega Man): This poorly made statue looked like a yellow stick figure with a red block for a head. This fail was made by the notorious HALOPRO2015 who was known for failure statues.

Forbidden Statues Edit

These statues will not be tolerated and will be destroyed upon discovery.

9/11: On September 11 2001, New York City's World Trade Center was torn down by planes that flew into the building, killing thousands of people. We will not have any 9/11 related structures be built.

Nazi Symbol: Seriously? Why do people even want this?

Porn: This world will be suitable for all ages...NO PORNOGRAPHIC STATUES ALLOWED.

Strong Language: Seeing a statue saying bad words will also be not allowed. You can build characters from M rated games though.

Repeats: This is a rather odd one but duplicates of a statue will not be allowed, unless there are certain changes (like how there's a Mario Bros. Mario, Classic 8 Bit Mario, and Mario 3 Raccoon Mario.)

Nonsense: Seeing a random blob of colors and blocks that serves no purpose other than a waste of space.

Racism: This genre of statues didn't get banned until the Grand Reopening update. No statues depicting racism allowed.

Gore Porn: This is a whole new level of porn featuring nudity AND gore in it. If these statues are found, it will result in immediate permanent ban from the world.

Gore: No one wants to see a statue of Steve getting this throat sliced in a world like this. However, some statues with blood on it is allowed (ex. Pyramid Head and Sonic.exe)

Invalid Complaints Edit

Sure, you can post a complaint to the admins and Armored Werewolf Staff, but some of these will not be viewed.

Weaponry: This complaint has been overshadowed for obvious reasons. We are not held responsible if you are offended because of weapon statues.

Duplicates: We know if a statue is duplicated.

Strange Activity Edit

Some bizarre things have also been sighted in this world. Could these be potential signs of Herobrine? Or could be glitches? Either way, pretty freaky stuff.

Moving Statues?: At certain times, a statue may look like it moved one block forward or back from where it was originally built.

Random Fire: One day, the old admin and Werewolf Staff house got set on fire while no one was in the world.

Feeling Watched?: Some players claimed that they felt they were being watched while on the world, especially at the night hours or close to closing. This occurrence has been happening ever since the world's launch on November 21 2013.

Pieces Missing: This is one occurrence that mostly happens even when the world is closed.

Potential PC Mods? Edit

There is a potential that the world will get a PC version along with a mod. See the Community World Mod page for details.

Records Edit

Tallest Statue: Revenant (Doom)

Second Tallest: Golden Sword (Adventure Time)

Statue With Most Effort: Princess Luna (MLP)

Hardest Statue: Sleeping Rainbow Dash (MLP)

Second Hardest: Kratos (God of War)

Easiest Statue: Torch (Minecraft)

To Build Edit

To Build is a new feature introduced in the Shadows of Evil update. Was originally called "Characters Not Yet Made" in the beta. Got scrapped and bought back. To Build is a list of Mario Maker costumes and Smash Bros fighters not yet built. Down below is the list. It starts from Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and goes all the way down to the extras. These statues must be made before more get added. The list also has characters from Doom, MLP, and TF2.

Standard To Build: Trampoline, SUPER MARIO KUN, Silver Mario, Gold Mario, Cat Peach, Mario Trio, GLA, Sky Pop, Nabbit, Birdo, Yamamura, Mary O., Daisy, Professor E. Gadd, Baby Mario, Statue Mario, Ganondorf, Sheik, Tingle, Wolf Link, Mega Yarn Yoshi, Donkey Kong Jr, R.O.B. (American), Robin, Corrin, Shulk, Inkling Squid, Wii Balance Board, Tom Nook, K.K. Slider, Rover, Timmy & Tommy Nook, Blathers, Celeste, Mabel, Sabel, Kapp'n, Kicks, Isabelle (Summer Outfit), Isabelle (Winter Outfit), Digby, Cyrus, Reese, Lottie, Foreman Spike, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, Wolf, Arino KACHO, Necky, Felyne, Arcade Bunny, Master Belch, Mr Saturn, Chitoge Kirisaki, Barbara the Bat, Starfy, Donbe, Iris Archwell, Bubbles, BABYMETAL, Melody (My Melody), Princess Celestia, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Cheerlie, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo

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