This page describes ALL the beta elements and scrapped content in the Community World on MInecraft Xbox One and 360 edition.

Original Concept Edit

The world was never meant to be what it is today, but was meant to help players test their building skills. The original three statues were a derpy Steve, and a 2D version of Super Meat Boy and Commander Video. However, one day The Armored Werewolf built the Mario World version of Yoshi and classic 8-Bit Mario. After becoming the L0ST Clan Community World, the world later became the now Armored Werewolf Community World.

Scrapped Content Edit

Some of these were in the beta and final version, but either got removed or replaced.

Memorial Zone: This did appear from version 1.9 to 2.2 before being replaced with a museum. This room was in the Community House to honor the dead. The room got removed due to it not fitting well.

Underground Maze: This cancelled feature can still be seen in the two beta versions and the final. This was meant to act like a fast way to locate certain statues and buildings. Only problem, the statues are scattered and the maze can only go certain ways.

3D statue entering: This feature is currently being revived for version 2.4. This was an easy way for griefers invading, but security has been tightened with recent updates.

Early Admin House: This house is still up and can be explored by anyone now. This house was meant for admins and Werewolf staff only.

Events: Some events were also scrapped. These include Chinatown & Martial Arts, Thrill Chill Christmas (coming in 2016), Was Preperation,

Steve Guns: Up until the Shadows of Evil and Invasion update, the original Steve held two guns; a shotgun and a pistol. However, when Iron (the starting building) was getting a floor expansion, the guns had to get taken down.

Scrapped Content Edit

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