The Armored Werewolf's Community World is a massive world made by The Armored Werewolf himself. It houses a whole bunch of pixelated and 3D statues of characters. The world has been being produced for over two years. Statues such as MLP, Mario, and Legend of Zelda have the most amount of creations. Worlds been in production for nearly 3 years. There is also a Community World PT. 2 page.

Early Development Edit

The Armored Werewolf Community world was originally used for testing purposes and meant to help The Armored Werewolf, The Armored Wolf, and others to improve their building skills. The first statue ever made for the world was a failed attempt at Steve, the other statues was a 2d version of the Super Meat Boy, and Commander Video skin. A few months later, Werewolf built a 16 bit Yoshi statue, then the classic 8 bit Mario. The world then became what was the L0ST Clan Community World. However, after multiple attacks from other clans (including ECH0 Clan), and general confusion of an unknown clan having a world like this, the world then became the current Armored Werewolf Community World.

Scrapped/Unused Content Edit

Area 1

One of the areas in the Underground Maze

Underground Maze: There was originally supposed to be an underground maze used to easily locate a certain statue. This idea was scrapped after an entire hallway was covered in lava, and another one all covered with TNT. There are hidden rooms inside the maze.

Inside 3D Statues: There was also a way to get inside statues like Steve, Emmet, and Mermaid by using an Ender Pearl. Just like Underground Maze, the idea was scrapped due to sightings of TNT inside the heads and torsos of statues. However, Steve still has one small hole in the left side of his head so you can go inside of him. The torso, arms, and legs however cannot be accessed. The head only has water inside of it.

UPDATE: The Grand Reopening Update revived the ability to enter 3D statues. The water in Steve's head is removed.

Water Park: An unfinished water park was supposed to be included. This was removed during the Grand Reopening Update.

Beta Horde: The Horde was supposed to occur months before the Grand Reopening update...however it was scrapped. It was originally going to happen without players voting, and no warning was given. But due to this being extremely annoying, it was scrapped and replaced with the current Horde today.

The Horde Edit

At any time, the world will be set to survival and a swarm of monsters will begin to invade. Don't worry though, The Horde is only triggered if players vote for a horde, and a heads up will appear before the monsters begin to invade. Unlike the old Horde where there was absolutely no warning.

The "Grand Reopening Update" Edit

The world has been discontinued for a long time, but on February 15 2016, production began once again, starting with a massive update to the world. Walkways now stretch across the world rather than just around houses, some building spaces can be reserved, chat room links are now distributed via signs, and more!

The Arena Edit

Added in the "Shadows of Evil" update, The Arena was finished. How it works is when a player enters and sends a global challenge. There are two challenges, casual and competitive. Those who accept the challenge are teleported into the ring and given full iron armor, a iron sword, and a bow. Casual has no ranking and is meant to be played for fun. Competitive obviously has a ranking system and leaderboards can be seen on Community World Competetive Arena Leaderboards.


Gallery Edit


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