Welcome to the Armored Werewolf's Site!

What's up humans? The Armored Werewolf here from The Armored Werewolf Network, and welcome to our website! There is a lot of information here that can help you get a clue to what we will be doing next! We hope you enjoy this large site! We house Minecraft maps, stories, make videos on both YouTube and Dailymotion, and lots more!

Bad Cartoons!

We are doing Animation Review now! Get ready for our reactions to bad cartoons.


This is the official Wikia of The Armored Werewolf Network video streaming/gaming group. We are a dark, comedy, gaming, and at times even crazy (or partially insane) group of people who make videos, play games, torture ourselves with ponies, and lots more! The Armored Werewolf is one huge series made up of other series (meaning that MLP Review, Investigations, Let's Plays, and our little extra videos are all tied in). We also tend be sarcastic assholes, but whatever!

Latest activity

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