"Working as a security guard isn't exactly the best job in the world, especially at an amusement park where an ancient evil awakens."

WARNING: This story contains horror elements, disturbing content, and may be challenging to read (even out loud) due to graphic details at some parts. We recommend the reader to be 13+ or have an adult with you. Read discretion is advised.

Prologue Edit

Working at an amusement park is a spectacular job, even at night. When it is 12:00 AM, the attraction closes down and maintenance team begins to work. Making sure the rides, lighting, security systems, and everything else works as efficient as possible. There was however, strange occurrences that usually happen on rare occasions. Some of which are small like an object being misplaced or a sense of discomfort when entering a certain area. As these kept happening though, it was discovered that something else was in the attraction, hiding during the day to appear at dark.

I was one of those security guards unfortunate to see what potential evil lies within this otherwise harmless place. The boss confronted me one day with concerns about my safety and began to explain how some guards don't feel safe, even at their own homes after being to one of the biggest attractions there, which was simply called "The Catacombs". The Catacombs was a Halloween themed attraction where you get to go under the ground and explore a dungeon-like maze. The maintenance team worked especially hard on this part, mainly due to how fragile the place is. The Catacombs seems to be more fragile than the rest of the park which I thought was odd. Also keep in mind for legal reasons I will not be giving out the name of this park and all the names will be fake.

Chapter 1: The First Night Shift Edit

Let's go back in time to my very first night working here. It seems like the earlier nights were pretty tame. Nothing too much happened. Just keeping an eye out for intruders, any break-ins, and for some reason, keeping an eye on the other guards. The boss came up to me and told me that the other guards were behaving strangely after The Catacombs was open for a year. I was skeptical though about this place having a strange feel to it. It just didn't feel right. Although, I did find myself questioning why there is an oversized facility containing cages with alive animals inside them and even a radiation monitor.

I was given a tour around the entire place, let's just say it took a while. Moving back into the night shift, I made sure to take a deeper look into The Catacombs, or at least I wanted to. When I got there, it was boarded up and one other guard told me that there was an accident. I began to turn around, until I heard a loud knock coming from The Catacombs. "So, still want to go in there?" The guard asked me. I told him to open up the boards, then went in.

Chapter 2: Deep Exploration Edit

As I went into The Catacombs, nothing was that different except the small amount of lights are off. Luckily, I got a flashlight to see where I was going. I heard multiple loud knocks and even glass shatter in the distance. The hallways began to get tighter and eventually, a split happened. There was two ways, I never been through this so I don't know where to go. I decided to take the left path, only to be met with a hooded figure. "Got something that might interest you." The hooded man said. The object looked like some kind of cassette tape. Words were scribbled all over tha tape saying things like "DO NOT LISTEN" and "NO NO NO NO".

Next thing I knew, the lights turned on and the air conditioner blasted to maximum. I ran as fast as possible out of there as I feared that I was going to freeze to death down there. The place was so cold that when I got up to the maintenance room, the temperature of the catacombs said it was nearly below zero. How could one big air conditioner release that much air to the point where the whole place is just as cold as the Winter?

I was really debating on whether I should turn the tape into the police, or listen to it. The idea of a massively scribbled tape stuck inside an amusement park kinda freaked me out a little bit. But I decided to listen to it. Here is what the tape had:


Voice 1: Did anyone see a shadow running freely down there?

Voice 2: You must be seeing things, there is no one down there.

Voice 1: Alright then, you check it out.

Voice 2: I will.


Voice 2: Alright, this place gives me the freaks after closing hours.


*loud bang in the distance*

Voice 2: Is someone out there? SHOW YOURSELF!

Voice 3:

Voice 2: Who the hell are you-


*gunshots heard as audio distorts badly*


Chapter 3: Lockdown Edit

The amusement park was shut down today as an investigation began. I showed my boss and the managers the tape and they called the police to check out The Catacombs. As they went down there, the strange man that gave me the tape wasn't there. "We checked the entire maze, the man wasn't down there." one officer told me.

Shortly after, the staff began to check the wiring and what else is underneath The Catacombs. One officer made the wrong choice and told one worker to dig up a certain spot. Where what looked like remnants of an ancient burial ground were discovered. One tombstone had the words "You saw it, it's done." written on it. Shortly after that, a powerful breeze shot the area and the lock-down mode was initiated. How did lock-down mode go? Well, the lights shut off, the intercom says "attention to all visitors and workers, we are currently entered a lock-down. This is not a drill!" and the rides were shut down.

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