Abandoned Hospital (part 1 and part 2) is the season 1 and series premiere of Investigations. The myth is that a ghost haunts the place.

Youtube Edit

In the Youtube version, 4 players went in. They were The Armored Werewolf, The Armored Wolf, HALOPRO2015 "Master Chief", and Nova. This was the introduction to Nova and Halo. There were signs that the ghost was in the area, the machine in there turned on by itself, lights went on and off, and Werewolf heard a laughing sound that came form the game. Not the players.

Remake Edit

In the remake, Werewolf went in alone. Since he kicked Halo out, and Werewolf and Nova weren't online, he decided to hunt down the ghost himself. The same signs from the Youtube version all happened again.

Myth Status Edit

Danger Level: Unknown. If there is a ghost in there, we don't know if it is hostile or not.

Location: Colony Island, Abandoned Hospital.

Conformation: Possible. Lights went out, machine turned on, yeah. Things did happen.

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