I recently heard about ssomething called Meta vs Unitle...it is easily the most cringeworthy, boring, and possibly, the WORST RP ever made. THe plot constantly makes no sense...and it seems to be a nearly perfect ripoff of The Armored Werewolf's All-Star Versus RP. Basically, a whole bunch of multiple franchises crossove rinto one large world to face some supernatural being born from a god's failed experiment. What does Meta vs Untile have? Kid Icarus, Pokemon, Smash Bros, All-Star Versus characters (creator whined about some being overpowered), and lots more. It also happens to be overloaded with drama, pointless fights, ponies up your ass cause it has more MLP reps than ASV has. Also, a whole bunch of stupid OCs that would make Instagrams; The_Great_Shaman cringe. Well, I had to get some anger off my chest by telling everyone on here about what some of humanity's atrocities include.